Mixed Media Collage, Don Bulucos, 1965

Mixed Media Collage, Don Bulucos, 1965

We’re excited to invite you to the opening of Piece By Piece, an exhibition of works by the late Don Bulucos, a resident of Skokie.

Don Bulucos worked in a wide range of media from photography and collage, to sketches, drawings and paintings dating from 1959 through 2014.

Don’s artwork primarily concerns the human figure, but he also finds inspiration from his personal life, his surroundings, and the shifting local contemporary art world. While attending the Illinois Institute of Technology in the 1960s Bulucos studied under notable photographers Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind. The photography and collage presented here reveal early inspiration by the Chicago Bauhaus movement. Bulucos’ subsequent figure drawings and studies depict the grotesqueries of battle with an underlying graphic sensibility. The sullied nature of these works recall post-war Chicago visual art exemplified by the Monster Roster fused with the skirmishes depicted in his personal collection of Japanese woodblock prints.

Bulucos also received his MFA at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago where he studied alongside renowned Chicago artist, Karl Wirsum who he remained friends with for much of his life.  Throughout his life, Don ritually filled hundreds of sketchbooks with what he called “Flight Structures”, a freeform design pattern of his own invention that reference the wings of battle planes, but also tribal spears and Inuit spiritual designs.

Bulucos was Professor Emeritus at Northeastern Illinois University.

On exhibit at Miishkooki are a selection of Don’s largely unseen early photocollage as well as sketchbooks, drawings, and a selection of paintings from the midpoint of his career. There will also be promotional materials Don created for Chicago Imagist art exhibitions.

This exhibition is co-curated by John Maloof and Joe Tallarico. Sponsored by The Skokie Fine Arts Commission.


Don Bulucos Piece By Piece

Exhibtion Dates: June 24th - July 22nd, 2017

Email for appointment

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 24th 6-9pm

Address: 4517 Oakton - Skokie, IL  60076